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Season Pass (3 months)


3-month season pass to The Ref Book.

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  1. Varsity official looking 2 work bball gms in new jersey

  2. Im an Iaabo certified board 196 official varsity level

  3. Attempting to sign up to see what ” theREFbook ” is about, but the system is not being user friendly.

  4. Sounds good

  5. When are games in ga. All I see are games up north

  6. Looking forward to seeing more basketball

  7. live ohio any games aroud here

  8. Eric Mason refereeing since 2001

  9. Eric L Mason looking for games in Jersey ATLANTIC CITY

  10. I am a varsity level official for Iano 196 and I am looking to officiate and I do not mind traveling

  11. IAABO196. Looking to referee and willing to travel – Varsity official

  12. I am a Varsity Boys and Girls Official. I am looking to Officiate games in NY, NJ and CT.

  13. Varsity basketball official. Looking for work. Enjoy AAU tournaments. Will travel.

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