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Member Benefits

The Ref Book connects officials to games by advertising their experience and availability to thousands of local, regional and national tournament directors, league directors and other recreational programs, and their assignors.

1. Work with top leagues and tournaments in your area

2. Book games from your phone or on the website

3. Make up to $250+ each week and get paid by PayPal

4. See weekly earnings and plan your schedule

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What is The Ref Book?

With The Ref Book… never have an offseason again and get between the lines!

1. Click “Join Now” and Choose Your Account Level (we currently offer weekend, monthly, season passes, or annual passes)

2. After signing up, you’ll be able to book any available game by clicking “Book a Game” (you’ll be able to book games on the website or on your iPhone/Android phone)

3. Each week, the Ref Book will begin promoting you each week to Tournament Directors and Assignors in your area to connect you with games. Games are posted several times each week.

4. Keep an eye on our partners and upcoming games so you can plan on booking games after they are posted.

Have questions on how to book games? Check out our FAQ Page.

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